Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Old Man and The Old Moon

Seven young men.  Met studying theatre in college - a prestigious university at that.  Weren't getting cast in the upperclassmen they started making their own.

Introducing, Pig Pen Theatre Company.

Tonight, I saw their first full-length off-Broadway production, The Old Man and The Old Moon.

It was truly truly beautiful.  Maybe even magical.  And I've complained that my holiday season hasn't seen a lot of magic so far.  But I found it.  In a converted gym just south of Washington Square Park.  I found myself legitimately transported to another place.  By seven guys, with some musical instruments, and some handmade props.

The story was simple.  An old man's journey to find his wife.  Like any good 'journey' story (The Odyssey, Lord of the Rings) it isn't so much about the ending but how you get there and what happens along the way.  In fact, the moment where the Old Man finds his wife is rather anticlimactic.  But not only is the story beautiful, it's the way they tell it.  Using found items converted into props, music, puppetry, and creative lighting with no more than flashlights and a few sheets, they were able to create an epic.  It reminds you of days sitting around a campfire listening to tales.  And how with such simple things, you can begin to make sense of such abstract topics as memory, love, change, and even storytelling.  The music reminded me a bit of Mumford and Sons, folksy, but not without emotion.  Lyrics that told the story, but could stand on their own.

Very rarely do I see a show where all of the elements are in place.  The script.  The design.  The acting.  The ages of the actors betrayed them a few times - but it is forgivable.  At 23 when you've written and are starring in your own off-Broadway're allowed a few moments of indulgence.  Besides that, I was with them every step of the way, and I have no doubt that should they continue to work together, a lot of good will come out of this company.

The Old Man and The Old Moon, closes Jan 6.

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Hi, Stephany, I am writing this from Northern Siberia. I would like to send you something in response to you recent story "Return on Mission", but unfortunately, I don't have your email.
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