Sunday, September 23, 2012

You can take the girl out of Peace Corps...

but you can't take the Peace Corps out of the girl.

I continually have these little moments where I flip out about something in my head, and I have to remind myself, I've only been stateside for about 6 weeks.

So far, the adjustment is not nearly as bad as everyone said it would be.  I think I had a much harder time this summer being in Dubai.  And not because of the adjustment, just because of the leaving.  And not having a whole lot to do.

Now, I'm busy.  Still adjusting to being a student again, but so far, so good.

Lori and I went to an RPCV function the other night (*returned peace corps volunteers) with the Boston  Area RPCV group.  It was fun, lots of people were there, of varying ages and countries of service.  It was nice to be with my people again.

But it was pretty clear we are fresh off the plane.

Picture this:  standing awkwardly in someone's backyard, trying to eat nachos and salsa off of a small paper plate.  I'm holding the plate.  Lori and I are struggling to get salsa on the chip.  So, like any good RPCV, we decide to work together.  We start pushing the salsa towards each other's chips.  Mind you - we had to break out of conversation to do this, and so to bring us back in, another RPCV gentleman says to us:

"So, you guys served together?"

In our total awkwardness, holding this plate between us and trying to eat chips, we look at each other, and just lose it.  I say, with a mouth full of salsa:

"How could you tell?'

It's so good to have someone from service around to help the adjustment.  Because it is someone to share those awkward moments with, and just laugh them away.  We might be a little co-dependent right now (both of us are dealing with some personal issues right now - "rough" might be an understatement), but it's good to have a constant.  Someone who knew me before, during, and now.

Mom and Dad are coming to Boston next weekend - so excited!  It's the last time I'll see them til New Year's, so I'm glad we were able to make something work.  I'll post pictures!

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